Reggae Legend Sanchez On Tour

Many of you know I’m seceretly an old lady…for whatever reason.

So it should come as no surprise that I was elated when I learned of Sanchez’s tour in support of his new album, Now & Forever, starting tomorrow.

Sanchez has had a 23-year long career, so you just might recognize some of his songs:

I LOVE this song

And of course you recognize who took this sample…

And of course:


Who hasn’t been caught in a Dollar Van going hard to this?

If you wanna catch a ride, or “ketch ha ryde” as the Jamaican half of me would say, here are the dates:


7 FRIDAY                            QUEENS                              NY                                          MANGOVILLE                                 

8 SATURDAY                     BOSTON                              MASS                                    CLUB LIDO

9 SUNDAY                           NEW ARK                           NJ                                          THE ROBERT TREAT HOTEL

10 MONDAY                       MANHATTEN                    NEW YORK                        SOB

12 WEDNESDAY               NEW HAVEN                     CONNECTICUT                TODES PLACE

13 THURSDAY                   SPRINGFIELD                   MASSACHUSETTS          ATLANTIC NIGHT CLUB

14 FRIDAY                          BROOKLYN                       NY                                         CPAC

15 SATURDAY                   BROOKLYN                       NEW YORK                        CPAC

16 SUNDAY                         BRONX                                NEW YORK                        MINGLES

18 TUESDAY                      CHICAGO                           ILLIONS                              WILD HARE

19 WEDNESDAY               DETROIT                            MICHIGAN                         TRENCH TOWN

20 THURSDAY                   CLEVELAND                     OHIO                                    THE CARIBBEAN FLAVOR

21 FRIDAY                          PROVIDENCE                   RHODE ISLAND               JOVAN’S LOUNGE                         

22 SATURDAY                   DELAWARE                       PA                                         THE CRYSTAL BALLROOM      

23 SUNDAY                         TRENTON                           NEW JERSERY                 TBC

25 TUESDAY                      BURLINGTON                   VERMONT                          CLUB METRONOME

26 WEDNESDAY               READING                            PENNSYLVANNIA           SILO CLUB

27 THURSDAY                   HYANNIS                             MA                                        PUFFERBELLIES           

28 FRIDAY                          HARTFORD                        CONNECTICUT                TBC

29 SATURDAY                   ALBANY                             NEW YORK                        THE LABOR TEMPLE


1 TUESDAY                        NORFOLK                          VIRGINA                             THE NOVA

2 WEDNESDAY                 RICHMOND                        VIRGINA                             THE HAT FACTORY

3 THURSDAY                     RALEIGH                            NORTH COROLINA        THE LINCLON THEATRE

4 FRIDAY                            GREENBORO                    NORTH COROLINA        CLUB GENESIS

5 SATURDAY                     ATLANTA                           GEORGIA                           CLUB INTRIGUE

6 SUNDAY                           MYRTLE BEACH             SOUTH COROLINA         TBC

8 TUESDAY                        CHARLESTON                  SOUTH CAROLINA         MUSIC FARM   

9 WEDNESDAY                 MELBOURN                       FLORIDA                            LEVELZ                             

10 THURSDAY                   JACKSONVILLE              FLORIDA                             CLUB PLUSH

11 FRIDAY                          TAMPA                                FLORIDA                            TBC

12 SATURDAY                   ORLANDO                          FORLIDA                            THE LEGEND

13 SUNDAY                         FT LAUDERDALE           FLORIDA                            REVALUTION LOUNGE

Lemme tell you, this thing has “Old Jamaican Man Skip” written all over it.

I can smell Utica Ave. as I type this.

& I look forward to it.


*Ms. Officer


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