Did You Miss Jay-Z on SNL? or More Importantly, Betty White?

Here is his performance of “Forever Young” with minature Sting in cuffed-for-no-reason pants Mr. Hudson:

But as good as those were, Jiggaman wasn’t the star of the show.  Meet his 88 year old competition, Golden Girl extraordinaire, Betty White.

As you’ve never seen her before.

She was making all kinds of uncomfortable wild sh*t you don’t want anyone over the age of like, 40 references

By far the Manuel Ortiz skit was the best.

Only 2 women can upstage Jay-Z, and both of their names start with B.


*Ms. Officer


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lilkunta says:

    I disagree. Th4e Manuel Ortiz skit was unfunny, way to long, made no sense. I watch Spanish language shows. THey dont sance when new guests come on stage.

  2. MsOfficer says:

    I know, but thats what made it funny! I loved it

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