Everyone Looks The Same To Me Vol. 21

1st of all, let me start off by saying:

This is totally the idea of my good friend Nyisha.

I just chose to write about it.

For some reason, this girl just doesn’t know how funny she is. Rarely speaking without thinking, you can be sure that rare  gems are going to drop from her jaws (pause).

During a conversation just a couple of days ago, she relayed something that should’ve been evident to me:

Elena Kagan, tapped by President Barack Obama to repace 90-year-old Justice John Paul Stevens when he retires this summer,

Elena Kagan, the former law professer-turned-Solicitor General-turned-Supreme Court Nominee

looks just like

That’s right, that’s John Candy.

Now this is all in jest,

I think it’s amazing that Barack Obama is constructing all kinds of historical milestones while he’s in office. He’s trying to make all the history he can.

Just a few stats:

– If Kagan’s confirmed, she’d be the 4th sitting justice from New York

-If Kagan’s confirmed, she’d be the 1st justice in 4 decades who did not serve as a judge

-If Kagan’s confirmed, there would be no Protestant justices  on the Suupreme Court (1/2 the country identifies as such), only Jews & Christians

-All justices when to Ivy Leages (Harvard, Yale & Columbia)

-If Kagan’s confirmed, she would be the 4th female in history to sit in the Supreme Court, the 3rd on the current bench.


Thanks Nyisha.

*Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise says:

    I think she bears a closer resemblence to Kevin James.
    And dang! My Protestant Dad is going to flip when he finds out he’s not a Christian!!!!!
    (Dad/Protestant, Mom/Catholic …..if we were Irish that would have REALLY been fun!)

  2. MsOfficer says:

    LMAO Leave Kevin James alone! He’s one of my favorites! (notice how I’m sticking up for Kevin & not Kagan…smh)

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