What in Sam Hell? Wyclef?

In the wake of the KFC Double Down,

and, well, this

I see that this monstrosity of a commercial has to go.

Watching The Early Show while getting dressed this morning, this met my eyes on their way up from my boots:

how dreadful.

Wyclef Jean, the most popular Haitan, is fresh from helping his native in their dire time of need. By no way is that on trial here.

The decision to do this commercial is.

Why they got this [insert 5-letter adjective here] dressed like Tony the Tiger doing soft-shoe in the middle of the street?

Wyclef definitely took the L on this one.

The problem isn’t that there are folks of all races enjoying crackers in the street.

The problem is this [insert 5-letter adjective here]  is doing a step & fetch with a damn baton over some f*ckin buttered crackers while everyone gapes on.

At a block party.

I’m surprised they didn’t stick a piece of chicken in his hand

I’m surprised he did this.

Yup Charlie Murphy feels the same way.

Just wanted to point out how foolish this commercial looked.


*Ms. Officer


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise says:

    Please tell me he did it for Haiti………………

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