Queen Kobe

In honor of my Celtics taking it to the hole (pause) last night & moving one step up in the 2010 NBA Finals…

I decided to write about Kobe Bryant.

This post is dedicated to 2 very special people, and 2 of the top 5 funniest people I know (and in existence) Maury Turay & David Auguste.

Love these guys.

& These guys have an unhealthy semi-homoerotic ongoing love affair with Kobe Bryant…

and something tells me they’re in luck.

So I dedicate this  “Best of Kobe”  montage to them:

If you weren’t impressed with his sportsmanship yet…here it comes…

Just when you thought these zesty ass pictures from the L.A. Times died… I went ahead & brought them back.

He took the L on this one. Best part is, I don’t even have to say anything.


*Ms. Officer


8 Comments Add yours

  1. dp says:


    Best. Kobe. Drop. EVAR!

  2. That boy queer as 3 dollar bill. Seriously though…. That nigga gay.

  3. Calvin Rashaud Davis says:

    Hilarious post.

    Championship rings, what he got? Like 4 of them. More of ’em on the way, the 8 th wonder on the way.

  4. I can hear Shaq laughing in the background.

  5. Steve Bush says:

    Funny… I like Kobe Slick.

  6. mikeburks says:

    Who won the Championship? Just like I called it. I see Queen whore never wrote back. Typical of sports fans who lack facts and common sense.

  7. MsOfficer says:

    Do I get to be queen whore? How exciting mike! A faceless “mike burk”s who lurks on the internet behind the guise of an avatar. You obviously are the one who is an idiot. If you read the post carefully -which consisted mostly of pictures- you’d see the post had nothing to do with the way kobe plays, nothing to do with disputing who won the championship, but everything to do with the stupid pictures he took. Ironically, you stated I lacked facts. Did I make the L.A. Times photo shoot up? I did. Sorry if i ruined the wet dreams you have about bryant when the sun goes down.

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