New Vid: (Sneak Peek) Dirty Money- Hello Good Morning Feat. T.I., Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

Diddy’s got fronts. It’s 2000 again.


I’m a little late, but f***  it. Only a little over 1, 044,151  people have seen it so far. That’s not everybody.

Here’s what they were thinking:

-Waiting for the press conference to confirm Rick Ross as the next victim signee to Bad Boy Records

-We Missed T.I.

-Shots of a helicopter no one ever goes into or comes out of

– @ 3:27 Entirely too much of what’s supposed to be in Dawn’s body suit slips out. And continues to do so for the duration of the video.

– Conclusive research shows that Diddy is the prettiest one in this group.

Stay tuned. Pt. 2 with Ms. Nicki Minaj is on its way:



*Ms. Officer


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