R. Kelly Reps 2010 FIFA World Cup

What do R. Kelly and soccer have to do with each other?

Usually nothing.

But Kellz really knows how to put a colossal mess behind him.

The Pi-per is now officially the mascot of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with his new song, Sign of Victory.

Listen here


-esque. Kelly had help on Sign of Victory from the Soweto Spiritual Singers.  The pair will perform the song live on June 11th at the 2010 Opening Ceremony.  In case you were planning on sneaking away from work to watch, just thought you should know: it will be at the Johannesburg Soccer City Stadium in South Africa.

Sign of Victory will be included on a compilation album: ” Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album”

Proceeds from the album won’t buy the R. another chain, but instead will go to FIFA’s initiative “20 Centers for 2010”.  It hopes to build 20 “Football for Hope” centers for public health, education, and football throughout South Africa.


R. Kelly does play nice!


*Ms. Officer


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