Lil’ Freak

Just when you thought you’d heard the last from this absolute weirdo,

he resurfaces.


Eric Massa, the NY State politician who got caught with his hand up several of his assistant’s asses resigned earlier this year felt it appropriate to tell us why we should dislike him even more in the new issue of Esquire magazine.

– The congressman said he tried to kill himself, twice, prior to his resignation

– Massa’s beard wife wasn’t too pleased when people started comparing him to Mark Foley– the dude from FL. who was sending nasty texts to teenage boys who worked in the House. She must’ve known his secret was close to being up.

Boooy this sounds familiar, right Chris Stokes?

–  A month prior to Massa’s allegations coming to light, he was threatening to tattle some secret plans Dick Cheney had, to get General Petraeus to run for President.

I wasn’t aware that bids for the 2010 Presidential election started in February, 2010.

– After drank himself stupid one night, he did the next logical thing: took an Ambien.   Massa was so geeked up, he couldn’t get himself home. And at 4:00AM, in front of the Washington Monument, had to call a staffer to come babysit pick him up.

In light of all the “fun” this dude likes to have, this song is dedicated to Eric Massa:

Glad you resigned too, Massa. Glad you resigned too.


*Ms. Officer

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