Top 5 Songs, Week of 5/ 24

Here is something new. I’ll grab you the Top 5 songs of the week, you’ll take ’em, listen & comment.  These are a compilation of the best 5 songs of the week, the best 5 new songs of the week, or the best 5 songs you can’t stop singing in that moment when your mind wanders free.

5. Sean Garrett Feat. Tyga & Gucci Mane- She Geeked

Sean Garrett’s riding that fine line (pause) between producer & artist. & So far I like what I’m hearing.

Could I do without Gucci Mane on this song? Probably. Certainly don’t expect him to be doing any tracks with Cam’ron anytime soon. Not sure how we’d fare without Gucci at a party nowadays though.

4. The Dream- Sex Intelligent

Here The hamburglar

Dream comes again. His breakdowns are tough.

3. Drake Feat. Jay-Z- Light It Up (Tags)

How long have you been waiting for this collaboration? You can whack off now.

2. Drake Feat. Alicia Keys- Fireworks

So 40% of this week’s countdown belongs to Drizzy. Say what you want, he’s tough. Drake’s filling some sort of cool-somewhat-nerd-but-just-enough-ignorance-for-young-money void. Oh yeah, and Alicia Keys is pregnant. Let the tacky fireworks jokes begin.

1. Kanye West Feat. Dwele- Power

Why does every Kanye comeback song feel like Dwele is a part of it?


Ray J- Curious


My intelligence tells me I shouldn’t like this song. But for some reason, the production by Felli Fell is easing my nerves.

Enjoy, Comment.


*Ms. Officer

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