New Vid: Lady Gaga- Alejandro

You never know what to expect with this chile:

-@ :53:  Already nervous. Half naked soldiers = sodomy > authority.

– @1:03: Never mind, this looks like Snow White

– @1:44 Crap. This thing is over 8 minutes long?

-@ 2:10 ok, Evita, ok.

-@ 2:36: Why is it that everywhere Lady GaGa goes there’s some sort of sex-filled authority figures dancing for her? Personally? Where is this sex-isle?

-@ 2:56: I kinda want something to slip out.

-@ 3:43: Never mind, they all like each other.

-@ 4:00: Gaga’s really trying hard to convince us she doesn’t have both.

-@ 4:24: You can always tell which one applied their own guyliner made up the dance.

– @4:51: I do that.

-@ 5:40: Madonna.

-@ 8:16: Who doesn’t like to get naked in front of a bunch of guys who don’t care about it?

I come away from this not knowing two things:

1. Who Alejandro actually is supposed to be in this vid.

2. What Lady Gaga actually looks like. (Again)

The mystery remains.


*Ms. Officer

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  1. Joey says:

    Love your thoughts on the video 🙂

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