New Vid: Trey Songz- Already Taken

This movie’s bound to suck From the Step Up 3D flick:

– @ :16: That shot is in every. single. Songz. video.

@ :33: Haven’t we seen this before?

– @ :36: Who doesn’t like scenes in cars that don’t go anywhere?

-@ 1:14:  She can’t dance.

-@ 1:33: Trey better be careful…there’s some sort of claw object moving up his arm.

-@ 1:53: Stomp The Yard + You Got Served.

-@ 2:07: Signs of a Ginger kid are never good.

-@ 2:25 : This time the evil claw thing is on Trey’s face. Why won’t he flee?

-@ 2:50: Aren’t they from C. Brown’s Transform Ya vid? All White dancers in Hop Hop/R&B vids stick out.

-@ 3:12: Why’d they do that to this girl & give her a solo??

-@ 3:58: I get it. They’re supposed to be like the couple in the actual movie. But they were a couple in real life.

That’s Song’s ex, Helen Gedlu. From the looks of things, they’re really good actors the “s” still belongs in front of “ex”.

::Queue shrill cry of tweens everywhere coupled with Tweets for this girl’s demise::

And for those of you losers who are actually checking for this movie, 2 hour long episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”, it’ll be out August 6th.


*Ms. Officer


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