Cops Vs. Black People

Ok, maybe in this case, just a couple of Black teenage girls.

Surfacing on Wednesday, this video conjured up quite the stir:

Reactions to this video fell into 1 of 3 categories:

1. Outrage at the cop, side with the girls

2. Control the girls, side with the cop

3. This sh*t was funny.

I saw this on Wednesday. Looking at the video, I fell into category #1. But much to my surprise…many people who saw this fell into category #3.

Here’s how I look at it:

Category 1.

There are a couple of teenage girls, sequestered by this cop for having J-walked. The cop, clearly stronger more horizontal than both of the females (though, one in particular is sizable) feels the need to “discipline them”.

-He should have known better.

-He did not have to rip that girl’s shirt.

-For simply J-walking, the force was excessive.

-There is entirely too much animosity between these two groups for this to be happening. Again.

-Much like cocaine, Police discretion is a helluva drug.

Category 2.

However I can see the other side of the game.

-This cop is surrounded by Black kids who may or may not attack him solely based on the strained relationship between the two groups.

-People know how kids can be.

Let’s not act like teenagers are a walk in the park.  Everyone winces when they get on the bus, or are in packs at any public venue that doesn’t include a school.

Category 3.

… Well, I don’t really see this video falling into the same realm as

Hilarity Pt. 5

But I guess many of you do. It just grates my nerves in the worst way when I see a man hit a woman, in any way shape or form.

More so, should those girls have even defended themselves against that policeman? Of course I had the inevitable “well, you know Black people ain’t supposed to argue with the po-lice” conversation. So when something’s obviously wrong illegal abuse of power, should the scenario go like this?:

But then again, the other side of that is…

Here are the general facts:

– A cop saw 4 young women J walking when he was talking to a man on the street.

-Officer stops the convo & asks the girls to step near his car.

-Officials said he was then met with not-so-kind words. (Probably a bunch of 4-word expletives, couple of “F-yous”, a few “sh*theads”, I’m sure)

-One of the girls ( a 19 year old) just began to walk away after a while. When she didn’t come back, against the officer’s wishes, he went over to her to bring her back to his vehicle. And that’s when the story begins.

Oh, and they’re calling this assault of a police officer.



*Ms. Officer


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