Condoms For Kids

Your eyes do not deceive you.


Happy playing next to each other. In Elementary school.

A public school in Provincetown, MA is getting backlash somehow they didn’t forsee when they authorized giving out condoms to all of their students, even the ones who don’t yet grasp the concept of 2+2.

I was 6 in 1st grade.

At that point you really don’t even understand why you can’t do homework with crayons.

Were kids kissing in the closet then? Yes.

Were kids f*cking in the closet then? Hell no.

But it doesn’t end there.  Provincetown School board Chairman Peter Grosso justified the act stuck up for what was probably his idea, saying : “There’s no set age when sexual activity starts.”

Guess who won’t be babysitting anyone else’s kids.

We already are well aware that there’s no set age when you “are supposed” to start having sex.

But, as technology would have it, kids are already sexting. What you don’t want need to do is have the “where do babies come from” conversation all over again, so close to the probable traumatization you’ve caused by not locking your bedroom door the other night with your baby.

At least they won’t just have the condoms next to the forks in the lunchroom– any student who goes to the nurse can receive them, only after “counseling”. Right.

Isn’t the nurse’s office where we used to go when we didn’t want to bullsh*t in class?

Like myself, I’m sending my hypothetical children to private school. At least there, they get to do what ever they want outside of the jurisdiction of most state laws no one will make a big stink about things like this. They’ll just send ’em to sex ed class.


*Ms. Officer


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