Hilarity Pt. 10- Lace Front Bonanza

Long obsessed with hair, Black people do all kinds of sh*t to it to erase, eradicate and depending on who you ask-rectify their natural curl pattern.

Sometimes Black people even wear wigs.

Once upon a time, a young lady named The Beyonce came along,

and introduced the world ghetto to lace front wigs.

This tacky trend has taken off, making hordes of Asians people on Canal St. wish they’d come up with the idea of a hairnet with hair sticking out of it.

Then came Naomi Campbell, one of the land’s beautiful supermodel.

With one tragic– yet HILARIOUS hair secret.


Don’t get me wrong. This does not take away from the fact that Campbell is amazingly, almost unrealistically gorgeous.
For that fact Due to her temper, I’ll leave those bald eagle jokes alone.


*Ms. Officer


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lmao! Now I know that make Rogaine for Supermodels she better handle that sh*t.

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