You Like Guns?

If you intend on keeping a militia in your home, you’re in luck.

If you intend on getting caught up like T.I., you’re in luck.

If you just like guns and want to own some just because you can, you’re in luck.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that if they didn’t like the laws as they were, gun owners could challenge city and state regulations, claiming the laws violate their Second Amendment rights.

Basically the verdict says that states (like the Federal Government) has to allow citizens to Bear Arms.

How was that not clear?

The case come from a near 30-year-old Chicago ban on handguns, period. That is until 4 people (obviously the minimum # of people who qualify to be considered “some” or a “group”) decided they needed the weapons for protection.

The problem with this, is…well…they exist:

and they’re already cooking up lawsuits. The claim? Existing legislation in several states in order to keep guns out of, like,

everywhere, is still too stifling.

Enter Chris Cox, chief lobbyist of the NRA.

He wouldn’t dish on exactly which states were going to feel backlash from the NRA, but he did say, quote (via Politico)

“Every law-abiding American has a right to a gun regardless of where they live.” Cox also threw in that the NRA is going to work on loosening more state & federal gun laws.


In case there isn’t already enough to worry about.

Perhaps we can take solace in knowing that felons still won’t be allowed guns, right?


*Ms. Officer


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  1. What a great resource!

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