Unwrapped: Maverik

I know him as “Money Mav”, but to the rest of the world, he is Maverik.

The voice of Boston is a mainstay on the city’s sole Hip-Hop station, JAMN 94.5.  Yet just like a Jamaican his own name, he is definitely up to something.  This cat has a bubbling rap career, opening up for the likes of Mighty Mystic and Collie Buddz.  Mav is hardly your typical rapper, mind you:

-No kids

-(Hence) No babymamma drama

-No priors

-No scandals unearthed by Mediatakeout

-Graduated from Boston College (The Eagles are cute, but we all know Northeastern is better).

With those stats he’s already winning.  Maverik has been doing music since I’ve known him, (4 years now) and keeps getting better and better.

Right Here was his 1st single and video, which was on heaaavy rotation on my radio show back then.

Click here to download Maverik’s new single, “What I Gotta Do”

I promise, you will be thoroughly intrigued.

Multifaceted as well. The Kid Maverik is also a DJ. A damn good one at that. How many parties? Clubs? Events were rowdy due to this guy? Countless.

I should know. Sweated out a good hairdo or two.

Book Maverik by e-mailing VarsitySound@gmail.com

Find out more about Maverik by heading to his official site, here.

Download “What I Gotta Do” here.

Talent runs in the family– check out his little cousin, Toni, ripping apart Alicia Keys’ “Sleeping With A Broken Heart” on Jamaica’s Rising Stars

Watch out for these two, I tell ya.


*Ms. Officer

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