Why Wyclef Shouldn’t Be President Of Haiti

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Ravaged by a multitudinous earthquake in the 1st month of this year, the country is at its lowest point in recent memory.

The Caribbean Isle is staring at Presidential elections this November. The 28th, to be exact.

and this guy wants the job.

Wyclef Jean, celebrated artist/Haitian/producer announced his bid for president last week.

Getting a little carried away with this whole “Black President” thing, ain’t we?

Problem is, he does sh*t like this.

What’s not on trial here, is Clef’s desire to aid Haiti and make sure the new regime is one of reconstruction and progress.

What is an issue is Jean using his celebrity to run for office.  Just because you are a recognizable name doesn’t mean you’ll be good for the job.

In an interview on CBS’ The Early Show, Jean said the following of his declaration (via CBSNews.com):

CBS News correspondent and “Morning News” anchor Betty Nguyen sat down with Jean just before he announced his candidacy and asked him, “We know you as a Grammy winner, we know you as a hip hop star. What are your qualifications for president?”

“I have no qualifications for president; I have qualifications for a leader,” he replied. “The reason why I even entertain this idea is education, job creation, agriculture, bringing security into the country” . . . a country infamous for its repressive government.

“Haiti has a long history of corruption, cronyism,” Nguyen said. “How are you going to handle that?”

“If I’m not corrupted, then there’s a chance of me putting the right team around me that is not corrupted, where we can start to do business the right way,” Jean said.

One of his first orders of business was to resign from his charity, Yele Haiti. The organization drew criticism following the January earthquake for alleged mismanagement of funds.

“When people look at that and see maybe a possibility of corruption, what is your argument?” Nguyen asked.

“You could say, ‘Well, the governance of Yele Haiti was not right. So, how do I know you could govern a country if you couldn’t govern a charity?’ And what I will say to you is, I made a mistake. And what did I do? I fixed the mistake and I moved on.”

Some points to think about:

-Where is Wyclef’s political experience, in or out of Haiti?

-How old is this [Insert 5-letter noun here]? Is he 37 or 40?Did he exist in 1970 or not.

-Jean is running against his uncle, Haitian Usher Raymond Raymond Joseph, who, at least on paper appears way more qualified– just by being the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti since 2005.

-Another popular Haitian, also widely recognized in Flatbush, Brooklyn named “Sweet Mickey” or Michel Martelly as the government likes to call him, is also running for the position.

-Jean announced his bid for presidency to promote his upcoming single, the “If I Were President” remix.

-Has Wyclef actually said what he’s going to do for the country?

-He doesn’t have a U.S. Passport?

-His own former Fugee-mate Pras sounds more qualified.

-Lauryn Hill hasn’t said a peep?

-Wyclef”s got a house in Haiti, but hasn’t lived there since he was 9. That’s going to be enough to bend the residency requirement rules.

-Who doesn’t arrive in Haiti on a private jet?

The Presidency of Haiti isn’t one of those jobs where you can get away with “kinda” knowing what you are doing, like bartending or hosting a Fox News program. This is like operating heavy machinery.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Whatever that means.

If none of what I said seemed to make sense, at the very least take into account Wyclef was exactly one half of the worst song ever made:


*Ms. Officer


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  1. If Wyclef Jean becomes the next president of Haiti, he has a really hard task to fullfill. There is really a lot of work to do to build up the country again from scratch and help the people to get some wealth. For them it would be important to be more popular for tourists as their neigbouhr country the dominican rebuplic.

  2. school grants says:

    nice post. thanks.

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