New Vid: Lloyd Banks Feat. Lloyd- Any Girl

-Prefix- This is the 1st and only time in history two anybodies actually named Lloyd will be in the same place. At the same time. Doing the same thing. Ever again.

@ :04- He’s not in NYC. If he woke  up outside, this would most likely be the backdrop:

Chappelle's Show, Dave Chappelle, Tyrone Biggums, Crack@ :08- See? Rappers don’t have ringtones.

@ :27- I like the role reversal– how Lloyd has the girl hair & the vid skid has the boy hair. That’s cool.

@:49- If ever you feel the need to search your guy/girl’s belongings, ring the alarm.

@:50- Damn. How old is Lloyd Banks’ mom???

@ 1:01- Why does the dark skinned girl have to be fat?

@1:07- That’s a dude. A Russian one.

@1:14- Haven’t I seen this in a movie before? Or another music video?

@1:28- Interracial dating!

@1:34- Mariah Carey?

@1:46- If she’s wearing PINK underwear living in her father’s house…she may be too young.

@1:59- Weirdo.

@2:07- I know she was supposed to be “working out” but the weave could’ve been tighter

@2:10- I like that his getaway car is older than both he and Young Lloyd combined

@2:14- No one’s driving

@2:12- Is that stereotypical? A Spanish chick working in a Pizzeria?

@2:24- Whoa. Didn’t that big dude just go back there?

@2:43- Lloyd really does have a nice voice.

@3:04- I reaaaalllly wish he’d do a Comedy Central special. At least a roast.

@3:16- What’s the point of pulling it down now?

@3:18- Uh-oh, Someone can’t dance

@3:27- Ew.

Whatever. It’s a dope track.


*Ms. Officer


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