Hilarity Pt. 17- Don’t Dougie In Traffic

Cali Swag District was popular in Cali.

Jermaine Dupri found them.

Cali Swag District made a song called “Teach Me How to Dougie”. (Download the Remix Here)

They played the video on BET.

and VEVO.

Other people started doing it, not knowing what it was.

And this [Insert 5- letter noun here] Dougied right into oncoming traffic.

My roommate, Turkey, is to thank for this one, (via Jemella Raymore’s Facebook). She came flying into my room hysterical over the vid. At first I was a skeptic, thinking it wasn’t real. But at (her) 3rd, 4th, & 5th play, Turkey pointed out that the Ice Cream truck dragged him a bit.

The thing is, @ :20, you can see him stop & ponder his decision to go further into the street. He probably thought this was a good idea, because he did it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the video is the “Thumbs Up If You Dougie In The Street” blurb.

or that he actually walks up to (& heeds) the stop sign.

or how he sticks his hand out instead of moving.

or how the cameraman doesn’t feel a sense of urgency to move a little bit quicker.

In the fat dudes defense, it is an incredibly catchy song.


*Ms. Officer


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  1. david michel says:

    people are stupid

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