Lil’ Wayne Sends SI ANOTHER Open Letter

Last week, Lil’ Wayne penned an open letter to Sports Illustrated on his picks for the U.S. Open.

This clearly perturbs… everyone.  Say no more,   I’ve managed to get my hands on a draft copy of what Weezy really meant to say:

N****az watch tennis too.

Obviously, I wrote this entire thing on a ruler, since the Valium does not allow me to pay attention to what I’m doing for very long.  I don’t know why they’d let something like a ruler in a prison. Thank God I’m alone.  Anyway,  I wanted to let SI know that I’m a big fan of all the famous tennis players, even the ones who aren’t even really playing anymore.  Any bog name you’ve got, I’m a fan of. Especially Nadal! I had the smartest member of Young Money, Drake, Google all his stats, and then read them to me over the phone. Happy to report, I did not get phone checked.  It was at his suggestion that I use the phrase “pulled out”.

With that said,  I ❤ Nadal.

Oops, I went this whole letter without mentioning the William’s sisters. Whoop, there it is.

P.S.:  I could not spell check this letter. Let a n*gga slide.

P.P.S.: Enclosed is a self portrait taken a while back.  Please feel free to republish.

Truthfully Yours,

Lil’ Weezy, aka Weezy F. Baby


*Ms. Officer


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