Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Bounty Killa

In honor of… the West Indian Day Parade

the 3 million people that will flaunt their bare asses up and down Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn on Labor Day, it’s appropriate to post an ill reggae artist someone whose got a little bit-o- tax trouble.

Although Rodney Pryce Bounty, (longside Barrington Levy) brings us so many good memories from this vid:

-’90’s middle-of-your-head parts

-’90’s laquer furniture

-’90’s Bogle contests

-’90’s bird chests

Pryce reportedly owes the Jamaican government $24 Million (Jamaican) dollars.

Which, when converted to real money U.S. Dollars= Approx. $55.61.

But shhhh. Don’t tell nobody.

P.S.: I’m allowed to say these things because I’m half Jamaican.


*Ms. Officer


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