Are You Cute? Vol. 4

It’s been a veerrry long time since I’ve asked this question, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found candidates in the interim.

Enter the USA Network.  Those Law & Order SVU marathons are actually doing it good, because it’s the most watched cable network.  Somewhere stuffed in between, are their original series.  This season, I’ve taken a partiality to Royal Pains (you should hate the brother), White Collar (I feel like Matt Bomer is gay), and Covert Affairs (Piper Perabo is weird looking)– but she’s not who I’m here to discuss.

It’s her co-star.

Sendhil Ramamurthy. I’ve just discovered him, but apparently he’s been on some other sh*t I don’t watch Heroes. Naturally, at 1st glance, I thought he was cute?

He looks good here.

But then it gets weird here:

Cute here:

Weird here:

Cute here:

Weird here:

You get the point.

He’s Indian I just don’t know how I feel about this.

That’s why life’s mysteries are solved here on, one question at a time, with your help.  Please leave your input below.


*Ms. Officer

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