Hilarity Pt. 23- The Dougie Instructional

Just a few Hilarities ago, we had a our 1st “Dougie” entry. By complete happenstance, I came across this new nugget.

Truth be told, I really like that song. I just don’t know what that dance looks like. And that’s ok because I’m not 17.

(Fast forward past the 1st :53 of bullsh*t)

What is this [Insert 5-letter noun here] wearing???

I’m not so sure a grown ass man wearing baggy ankle shorts should be the one to teach me.

From the “beginner’s steps” to this dance, I knew a bodyroll was not too far behind. Enter the biggest [Insert 5-letter noun here], bodyrolling.

All these [Insert 5-letter noun]s look stupid.


*Ms. Officer


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