Why Kobe’s A Toolbox: Reason #764

Who doesn’t love good sh*t talking in Sports? They’re games for crying out loud!


It becomes a different animal when Kobe Bryant does it. No matter how tall or small the insult.

Perhaps if he wasn’t



-(Sigh) a great ball player (Pause)

Dropped of all charges

-Irreversibly cocky

This wouldn’t sound like it does.

It’s also reminiscent of a time long before Jason Kidd & Tony Parker shared a commercial, and Kidd said the only thing Parker Frenchie could do better than him was…speak French.

This, of course was just about 10 years ago, and although not that bad of a comment, sounded worse because it was not too long after Beatergate.

And then there’s this.

Note: The Kobester did say he was better One on One

I bet.

*Ms. Officer


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