Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- TLC

Don’t even get me started.


This week’s post is fueled by Pandora’s memory recovery feature the numerous encounters I’ve been having with unappealing guys.

The fools who stand on the corner in my neighborhood. The nasty old men. The weirdo security guard with the reckless eyeballs at my job. The strange mail dude who malingers in front of my office should he hear a song he likes. The disgusting guys who honk their horns from Toyota Tercells.

This list can go on and on.

It’s important to understand that this doesn’t say anything about me nearly as much as it says about the caliber of men male species that seem to be available in abundance.

They’re gross.

Behaving like jungle animals anytime they see someone walk past who doesn’t share their same anatomy.

I know where you’re going with this. “What were you wearing? What did you do?”


It’s jacket weather. I haven’t been in a pair of shorts for almost 1 month, and these occurrences alone have all been within the last week. In my defense,  on one of the days I was wearing a yellow t-shirt & a pair of non-tight, unobnoxious, unbedazzled, un butt-patterned jeans to work. This yellow shirt had traces gobs of my fuchsia lipstick all over the bottom of it. How I managed to achieve this feat still boggles my mind.

So, this video serves as an ode to all of them. I have absolutely no interest.

It’s a great song that inspired me to get

at the time it was released, and of course, it’s follow up.

Say what you want, this song is true.  Even though I didn’t notice it then, the strategically placed red lights serve as a good stop sign.  Like a fun chastity belt.


*Ms. Officer


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