Hilarity Pt. 29- Jersey Shore Learns To Dougie


I have been having a frustrating day, and Dawnie posted this on my wall.



[Insert Guffaw Here] Thanks Dawnie!

Let’s get this straight. None of them can dance. Stick to “Beating Up The Beat”.

-Vinny looks like he’s just watching Pauly and (poorly) doing whatever he does

-Ronnie looks high & keeps doing that plane thing with his arms

-They gave up listening to the beat after :30

-Bwhahahah Ronnie’s on coke @ :58

– @1:13 I decided I couldn’t watch anymore, but you get the point. Still hilarious. A great pick-me-up.

Moral of the story: Leave the fistpumping to Guidos, leave dancing to Black people.

Doesn’t really translate well when it’s still…


*Ms. Officer


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