The NBA Starting 5. And Scullcandy.

Since I chronicled their commercial debut, they’ve been a hit. Their basketball skills I made them popular, and I’m glad to take credit for their careers thus far.

Ok. Maybe that’s a slight stretch, nonetheless these 5 athelets have been chosen by ScullCandy & RocNation as the NBA Starting 5.

1.  The probable Player of the Year, Kevin Durant, who apparently likes to pretend he’s a “Single Lady” dress like Ray.

2. James Harden, who likes to plug is ScullCandy into his iPad (Pause)

3.  Derrick Rose, who scribbled his Top 5  in a notebook he conveniently keeps next to his iPod. The jury’s still out on #5.

4. Andre Iguodala, the smiling Scullcandy OG.

5.  Deron Williams. Married guys like Scullcandy too.

The most important part about this collaboration is that Scullcandy be supporting charity events, and supplying behind the scenes NBA action.

Why not?


*Ms. Officer


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