Hilartiy Pt. 32- You & Antonie Dodson Can Hunt Sex Offfenders W/ His App

Just so you’re sure I didn’t make this up, here’s the proof:



I just have a slight problem with his teeth gums in this video.

“Bay-sick-lee” The moral of the story is, this Negro won’t stop. And why should he? He’s only living the American Dream.

Follow these 10 easy steps, and you can too:

1. Get sh*t on by the government and live in poor housing

2. Almost get raped and killed there

3. Don’t pay attention during English class in school, then demonstrate that on local TV & the worldwide internets

4. Make sure the police don’t actually catch the intruder so you can have material for your next video

5. Sell costumes of yourself to White kids who’ve never “touched Black hair”

6. Get some coc*sucker to tattoo Antoine Dodson on his arm

7. Have BET to call to perform “The Bed Intruder Song” on the Hip-Hop Awards because there aren’t many good rappers left

8. Come back to 106 & Peezy & do it again

9. Sit back & make a lot of money off of a lot of bulls*t

10. Maybe find a date from the sex tracker thingy

I ain’t mad @ it.


*Ms. Officer


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