Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Gregory Isaacs

This week Reggae music mourned Gregory Isaacs.

If you don’t know who he is, I can’t be bothered with your foolish a** click here and here.

What Caribbean export didn’t grow up on him?? My (very) Jamaican Pops used to have all kinds of tapes & records on repeat. Mr. Isaacs was certainly one 12.

As a guest of my homeslice Squeeze (careful, smedium alert), I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Mr. Issacs at Jamrock’s Vintage Reggaefest in ’08.

To be clear, the flyer did mention John Holt.  I remember Squeeze flying around the venue with all sorts of Jamaican obscenities because John Holt had some weird passport illegal immigrant thing that non-citizens have wasn’t showing up.  As if they were rabbits, Squeeze was able to pull Gregory Isaacs, Frankie Paul, & Nadine Sutherland out of absolutely nowhere.

And I mean nowhere.

Safe to say all Jamaican men make that face.

Anywho, this was the result.


But that’s not the vintage video you came to see. This is.

And that is why Sir Isaacs is known as The Cool Ruler.



*Ms. Officer


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