The Republicans Are Really, Really Good At Making America Scared


Halloween came a tad  bit late this year, when The GOP (not to be confused with DPG OR LBC) reclaimed the House, and pretty much all the land’s Governorships.

Yesterday’s midterm elections sent a resonating message throughout the country:

“We’re still scared of Negroes.”

And that’s really all the Republicans had to prey on in order to take this thing down.

Still reluctant to make the leap-the country- frustrated to the brim, hung on Barack Obama’s every word, a sheer promise of hope and change.

And it happened.

And it’s only halfway into his term.

What boggles my mind the most is that the U.S. seems to have caught a particular case of amnesia, forgetting that Barack Obama took office just under 2 years ago.  America was in a sh*tty, sh*itty seemingly endless abyss, and, 8 years ago (or, as I now like to define time, Pre-Bush Kanye West Remix) America was enjoying a “disposable income”.

But for those of you who are not on a 24-hour, champagne diet, these election results are harrowing as scary as doing Carrot Top. Who would you rather?

And you can’t choose Dustin Diamond.  And you can’t choose death.

What the Republicans did was genius–

They lost.

Were upset that they lost.

Let everybody know they were upset.

Then never let up on the attacks, temper tantrums. When a baby cries long enough, you must respond. And with the help of Fox News, succeeded in making Mr. Obama appear to be something he wasn’t.

At least New York didn’t elect Paladino.  My sense of urgency to move to Cuba is exigent heightened.

Pay attention. His crew f*cked us.


*Ms. Officer



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s mind boggling how after eight years of fuckery, the moment he finds to be his lowest point is some comment from Kanye West. How does that even qualify?!

  2. david says:


  3. I disagree.

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