Kanye West Vs. Matt Lauer?

Not necessarily expecting a “vs.” in between those two names. Nonetheless…


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Whenever news anchors do that “sit-down-and-lemme-explain-to-you-what-the-f*ck-I-had-to-deal-with-here-before-I-introduce-every-clip” thingy, it usually means it wasn’t good.

Or was bizarre.

Orgionally I wanted to file this under “Hilarity”, but then I didn’t want to diminish what Kanye was saying, because he had some valid points.

But a lot of it was funny.

It starts @ :28 when Bush plunks his hands on the table beside the glass of water he’ll soon put his teeth in to demonstrate just how frustrated he was with Mr. West.

It ends @ :55 when Lauer points all the sh*t that has went miserably, extremely, disgustingly wrong in Bush’s 8 year dictatorship of this country.

When it was released last week that Bush named Kanye’s outburst as his most damming moment as president, that should’ve set off a loud f*ckin alarm to, like, everyone to not vote the whole f*cking House red.

Kanye shouldn’t have apologized just because this raisin came on the Today show 5 years after Katrina, still whining about what the rapper/producer said. When Ye made that statement, he hit the nail on the head– the country was teeming with frustration -the blatant disrespect & disregard shown to the people of New Orleans & the Gulf states- who were trapped while Bush was doing this:

Cutting cake on an Air Force Base with a f*cking fossil.

I’ve never been President.


I gather there are some instances where you’ve gotta stop whatever the f*ck you were doing & tend to the country. They include:

– More crop circles

– Another Fantasia album

1/3 of your empire is under f*cking water and no one can do anything about it.

Maybe it’s just me.

What’s most notable about this entire ordeal is that Lauer still thought Kanye would return for their Thanksgiving-y show in a couple of weeks.

Any moron with two peanuts in their brain could gather that after this performance this would not happen. Just to be sure, Kanye Tweeted it this morning.


–  West shouldn’t have apologized

– The Taylor footage obviously struck a nerve

– In Kanye’s defense, Meredith was a little witchy at the end.

– This many Black people have never cared about the Today Show. Ever.

There. It’s settled.


*Ms. Officer


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