Top 5 Songs of The Week, 2/7

Here we are again, wiping the



Lil’ Wayne

Who the f*ck cares & Yellow Superbowl residue off our brows.

Hopefully this means the (albeit slow) death of that song.

In the meanwhile, allow me to present a much needed reprieve from all of that crap.

Music Submissions:

5. Usher Feat. Kam Parker- Monster (DL)

Usher often imagines himself as some sort of monster.

Yesterday his fantasy came true, in the form of a guest of dismal Superbowl XLV performers & government conspiracy + a Filipino, The Black Eyed Peas.

Way too much is going on in this track– Kenny G, the Carribean, & electricity, but this might be why I like it.

(Check the guy who couldn’t wait to get that look @ Usher’s crotch).

4. Nick Carter- Falling Down (DL)

As unlikely a candidate for a spot on this countdown as anyone. 1/17 of the Wackstreet Boys has an album out called “Taking Off”. What bothers me most is this comes in over Usher. Calling all monkeys: Please send your music submissions to

3. Ne-Yo- Dance For Me (DL)

Hard as it is to imagine Ne-Yo in a straight strip club, I can imagine this being utilized there.

2. DMX- A Change Is Gonna Come (Prod. By Swizz Beats) (DL)

DMX has been the subject of much good-natured ribbing on this site.

But this is the X that we like to see.

The Sam Cooke sample does Earl Simmons good.

If it takes Swizz Beaks to bring it out of him…so be it.

1. Eminem Feat. Jazmine Sullvan- Cocaine (DL)

Em is just ridiculous. He really is. Usually Sullivan bores me, but not here. I’d actually decided I like her better on other people’s hooks than to listen to her on her own. Hmph.


Kelly Rowland- Just Whisper (DL)

King Ralio Feat. Erica Singer- Ride (Instrumental w/ Hook) (DL)

Erica is just a darling. Even though it is just an instrumental, it’s not because she’s on the…you guessed it, hook. A little Rihanna-esque, Ms. Singer sounds so good. So do your own  song!

P.S. Those new T-Pain songs (w/ & w/out Chris Brown) are terrible. So you won’t find them here.

I’ve missed you.


*Ms. Officer


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