NY Rep. Christopher Lee Wants You To Know He Sexts Too

Everyone Looks The Same To Me.

Christopher Lee Sexting


Atlanta sicko sexter Eddie Long.

Craigslist, notorious playground for psycos, stalkers &…sexters spawned this NY rep. to deliver a topless picture of himself to…a W4M. 

Christoper Lee is a 46 year-old Buffalo area Republican who

-Takes pride in his graying chest hair

-Likes to take photos in front of his children’s completed puzzles

-Wants you to admire his bulging flex.

Or growing fist pump.

Or b*tchin’ bod.

If I had a bottle of pasta sauce that was being troublesome, I wouldn’t nominate he open it for me.

No worries, buffalo in Buffalo, he resigned and apologized immediately after the pics & “flirty” e-mails were released. The 34 year-old unidentified recipent was looking to get herself stuffed inside someone’s freezer by using Craigslist for proof the creepesters men on the site did not “look like toads”.

Instead of just announcing himself as “I’m married Rep. Christopher Lee. My pic is up on my site that ends in house.gov, so you know I’m legit. That’s me in front of the White House. If you like, press yes if you think I don’t look like a toad.” He chose to wow her. With this. And his use of the most nauseating emoticon 🙂

“”Hope I’m not a toad. 🙂 i’m a very fit fun classy guy,” he wrote. “6ft 190lbs blond/blue. 39. Lobbyist. I promise not to disappoint anyone but my family and my constituents. And my district.”
(Quote courtesy NY Daily News)

Certainly these types of scandals are not new because of the internet. They’re everybody’s business because of the internet.

Mission accomplished. I’m glad he looks up to people who too have walked similar roads, like former NY rep  Eric Massa.

“W. 19. Black/Dark Brown. I hoe I don’t look like a toad.”


*Ms. Officer

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