BHM: Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Anita Baker

Never in all my life have I heard a voice like this.

On a sunny Sunday, I was 3 when my mother handed me my very 1st cassette tape. Assembled by her coworker, the white label simply read “Anita Baker”.

Assuming my usual position, perched between the TV & radio, she popped it in.

I never looked back.

This was the perfect addition to “Sunday Morning Classics with Hal Jackson on W-B-L-S”. Or at least to their commercial breaks.

This is probably why I love to refer to Anita Baker as “The Woman of All Women”.  When you look at her, you see nothing less than a lady. Her voice is strong but soothing– today she could compose a song proclaiming 4Loko tastes like Chardonnay…I’d be hauling a case of the for-some-reason-still-legal-and-sold-in-NYC-who’s-getting-arrested-for-this-crap back to my apartment for consumption.

Please overlook the fact that I’ve managed to mention drugs & Ms. Baker in the same sentence.

What’s written here could never compare to her impact on music & it’s quality. She is a legend. And she performed in Brooklyn:

It was nothing short of amazing.

8. The number of Grammy awards she’s amassed.

4. The number of platinum albums she has.

2. The number of times she’s gone gold.

Let’s not forget her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Time to drift off to a simpler time, listening to my favorite female singer.


*Ms. Officer


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