New Vid: Dr. Dre Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey- I Need A Doctor

Here it is. If you have circa 8 minutes.

@:01 Do you remember what you were doing on February 18th 2001?

@ :05 Beautiful.

@ :14 He looks mad

@ :34 Oh snap.

@ :41

“Straight outta Lo-Cash! A Crazy Motha*cka Named Gusto! I ****ed ya wife ‘cuz the ****h is a big hoe! I ****ed your mother, I ****ed your cat!”

@ 1:06 There’s a pit forming in my stomach.

@1:10 Product placement #1 here

@ 1:50 Oh crap this is not good for my nerves

@ 2:35 So…Eminiem’s just not going to age, huh?

@ 2:58 This feels like the Kanye West moving painting video

@3: 38 Preach.

@ 4:21 “Drop product placement #2 here”

@ 4:29 She doesn’t look how she sounds. I was more or less expecting her to look like this:

…all of them.

@ 4:34 What’s Dre’s obsession with this? #WaltDisneyTreatment

@5:38 So… Dre’s not gonna let the Stewie Griffin go, huh?

@ 5:53 “Enter product placement #3 here”

@ 6:08 Activate. Shape of…Melle Mel

@ 6:31 Pectorals of….Powdered Toast Man

@7:32 Whoa.

Glad Dr. Dre is back.

Even if he is extraordinarily enormous.


*Ms. Officer


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