Heat Lose Bulls Game, Win The Crying Game

Just to clarify– They only specified no crying in baseball.

Says Erik Spoelstra of his team after last night’s loss vs. Chi:

and after a misspelled Dwyane Wade basically fessed up later on in that interview…


This was Bosh mere days ago after the loss vs. Orlando, when they blew a 24 point lead in the 2nd half. That sucks. Especially since they can’t pull it together against their main competitors in the East- Boston, Chicago, & Orlando.  Somehow, they remain #3 in the region’s standings.

But this Bulls loss came as the result of a(nother) last second failed buzzer beater by Wade– The Heat are 1-7 when down by 3 points or less in these situations.

If this “team” wants to not get knocked out of  round 1 of the playoffs by a possible #6 seed (i.e. Knicks), they’re going to have to:

1. figure out who the leader is

2. pass him the rock in clutch situations

3. get a coach they’ll listen to

4. not cry about losing games on or off camera

Spoelstra was probably just trying to show how much passion his players have, but it backfired– revealing the supply of rattles & Gerber available to them post game.

Whatever, this is funny.

Just to show they’re not alone, I’ve assembled a special edition Miami Heat playlist:

Ja Rule- I Cry

Most anything by Ja Rule would suffice. But definitely this.

Obie Trice- Cry Now

Pretty much nailed it @ :15.

Mary J. Blige- Not Gon’ Cry

…Or they could take the opposite approach…and Exhale.

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River

So obvious. So Poingnant.

Bob Marley- No Woman No Cry

No Chris Bosh, No Cry.

After all that fanfare,

And sh*t they were talking, these guys should be able to step up and pull it together. They need time to gel, but…

They look as out of control as


*Ms. Officer

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