New Vid: Chris Brown- Beautiful People

Excatly 1 day after ABC Good Morning AmericaGate & his F.A.M.E. album release, and his appearance table dancing on Tosh.0

 comes C-Breezy’s newest video for his single “Beautiful People.”  I told you way back when this was going to be a hit.

@ :05 “Come on, Let’s ride our scooters like it’s 2007!”

@ :08 “Also, I like your leopard-print man threads. You dressed yourself?”

@ :37 He’s hot.

@ :41-:44 That’s exactly what I see when I listen to this song repeatedly.

@ :59 The Game face- tattoo beautiful

@ 1:01 Bow-Wow sexuality- questionable beautiful

@ 1:12 Chubby-ish guy on the drums beautiful

@ 1:15 Tyga alarmingly-skinny- beautiful

@ 1:16 Estelle Not-really0sure-how-much-I-like-her-songs beautiful

@1 :22 T-Pain is especially beautiful with his bangs sticking out

@ 1:25 When will T-Pain realize he can’t dance like people who can really dance?

@ 1:30 Well, Nelly really is beautiful

@ 1:33 That James Harden-esque beard is just obnoxious.

@ 1:48 “I wore this, I’m gonna get the most out of it.”

@ 1:57 Dallas Austin is questionable-past beautiful

@ 1:59 Diddy is beautiful

@ 2:01 Omarion is still alive beautiful

@ 2:10 Brandy is beautiful

@ 2:13 Pharell is kind-of-Asian-y-but-Black- beautiful

@ 2:22 If he starts bodyrolling, it’s over.

@ 2:25 T-Pain stop it, you can’t do that.

@ 2:44 Either Nazis…or mass fist pumpers

@ 2:49 Let the beat build.

@ 2:55 Timbaland ridiculous- beat- maker- beautiful

So basically this was a message from Chris saying, “Look at me and all my celebrity friends, they all think this song is amazing. And I’m filiming them dance to it.”

Good grief do I love this f*ckin song.


*Ms. Officer


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