Ms. Officer and The Jon B. Interview

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything here, and with good reason.  I wanted my 1st post back to be special, and something you requested.

On a June afternoon, I hurry down to Herbert Von King Park to ensure I’m on time for my interview with Jon B.  Hurry may or may not be an understatement, the blocks in Bed-Stuy have not yet all been gentrified. This is that section. 

Jon headlined the show, with Olivia as his opener as part of the Summerstage concert series.  Why they picked this venue is beyond me.  Was Vanderveer Park overbooked?

Although I’d previously met Jon B. at his album release party for Helpless Romantic, I’d never actually seen him perform.  He is an amazing talent who hasn’t had the greatest promotion behind him over the years.  However– his fan base is extremely loyal.

Anyone who has ever been to Von King knows it’s recreation center resembles the 2nd floor of a Public School. 

If you manage to not be distracted by:

– the Negro yelling in the background,

– my humidity fried hair

-the seizure my camera friend appears to be having

– the setting

…this shaped up to be a very good interview. 

@ :14 Talks about intimidation from Ryan Leslie

@ :54 Future collaborations

@ 1:45 Working w/ 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, & other Hip-Hop Legends

@ 2:14 “Lame White People Who Don’t Understand”

@ 3:27  Getting credit for Robin Thicke & Justin Timberlake’s careers

@ 4:36 “Are you financially well off?”

@ 5:10 Comfortable Swagg album release date: 11/11/11

@ 6:10 Rumors of Jon & LeToya Luckett

And then he gives me a drop for…which you see me ask for.

Thanks to his Jon’s wife Danette for being so gracious, manager Jamal & Slam from YKIGS.

Here’s his new one with DJ Quik, “Real Women”. PREACH.

More to come, more to come.


*Ms. Officer




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