Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- DMX

To commemorate the latest use of X’s “Get Out of Jail Free Card”:

Yes, this really is the censored version.

Easily one of X’s best. Songs. EVAR. If you mange not to be distracted by the frilly pants on Dru Hill’s lead singer, or his gratuitous use of dragons, you too, may  come to this conclusion.

My high school friends would never let me forget this was the period where I used to “like” Sisqo. I would very much like to.

This came from a time where all music videos seemed to be shot in Harlem, which, somehow, is already 10 years ago.

Funny, because 10 is also the number of kids Earl Simmons has. Naturally we’ll learn more about this in an (alleged) upcoming DMX reality show. Should be interesting.



*Ms. Officer

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