Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Jay-Z

In the spirit of “Watch The Throne” and the internet frenzy it’s ensued, I’d figured I’d attract more traffic by simply having that phrase appear here, alongside the word “download”.

“Watch The Throne”


“Watch The Throne”




Whilst I conduct this experiment, you can take a trip back in time to a point where Kanye & Jay weren’t yet Bff’s, in one of my nostalgia favorites:

-When Timbaland still had Ballpark Frank neck.

-When Pamela Anderson was in that show V.I.P.

– @ 2:17 He probably slept with her.

-When it was cool for Eddie Murphy to play every part in a movie

-B.J. :Get your filth-ridden minds out of the gutter Before Jayonce

-Before SuperHead wrote a book describing every Negro male in this video

-Before Amil was banished from the ROC & NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN

Those were the good ol’ days.


*Ms. Officer


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