New Vid: Jay-Z & Kanye West- Otis

Thus began day 7 of The Internets dying all over Watch The Throne.  With the promise of the “Otis” video premiere.

@:06 Careful with that torch. Near the car and all.

@ :23  Much like dentists the tooth fairy, I do not believe in Kanye West welding.

@ :27 Is that a broach?

@ :35 A little bit of hopscotch to begin the vid

@ 1:03 Fronts? Like circa 2000?

@ 1:36 Nice blouse Kanye

@ 1:59 Riding in Maybach with no doors, BUT SEAT BELT SAFETY STILL PREVAILS

@ 2:07 Heheh

@2:26 Have we ever seen Jay-Z so affectionate?

@ 2:34 Aziz Ansari has just realized he came over dressed.

@ 2:36 Also, he can’t dance.

@ 3:10 Consciousness.

Not even The Beyonce herself can make Mr. Carter as happy as Kanye West can.

❤ BFFs 4 Ever

Sick song, sick vid.

As long as this doesn’t go the way of Best of Both Worlds.


*Ms. Officer


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Call me 3103675721
    Mr firefighter
    I need to remain alert not fall asleep West I’m in Mexico shopping than Taiwan shopping than Chicago to buy rebooks without shoe laces than taking Christina’s 9 year old daughter to Taylor swifts to do a Calvin Harris Colgate commercial than jay z and Montana are going to talk polititics live on kxp radio and you key west talk a lot so you should listen and learn dreams change change yours to anything until something you’re good at which record label are you signed to because they love cutting your paper when they spend it so tell me and I promise I’ll say humble honest good kid you are to them unless you want to lose the best Advise a hero can give you I’m fighter rescued many I don’t like your music it’s not funk jazz classical hip hop po indie rock heavy metal rock or lullabies I like e 40 Montana Rihanna Chris Jenner Jason Simpsons silence and classic meaning and theory of the the rhythim of life which drives us or ends a natural beautiful full moon without a forest calm chilled wind a minor b minor g minor we like your c minor d flat is music to depress the soul so cry or keep driving the in circles and pushing ecstasy cocaine vodka paid you what? And what did that get you? I’m in jail you have to send a postcard to request to see me and I transfer if choose not to see you or any one who interrupts my life there’s out there that warden can’t get me I’m good I paid enough posted bail to stay in here and away from people like that are detrimental to life.

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