Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Ja Rule

A couple of nostalgic Wednesdays ago, I posted about DMX & his “Get Of Out Jail Free  Card”. At the end of that video stood a Osh-Kosh-B’Gosh clad Ja Rule beside Mr. Simmons. This got me thinking:

DMX just got out of jail.

Ja Rule just went to jail.

DMX made some really good music. Like, seriously.

Ja Rule made some really catchy music you couldn’t help but like.

Admit it or not, “Rule Baby” had some songs that were actually good. I am admitting a guilty pleasure. So are you by reading this. And enjoying the following video:

@ :08- So what he’s a foot under the shortest vid skid? He’ll throw his hands up to distract you

@ :23- Jajajaja Tommy Hilfiger manties. With the thick ’90’s logo

@ :50- Best line in whole song.

@ 1:38 Underpass dancing! Definite ’90’s staple for any video

@ 2:10 The fact they’re dressed like camp counselors makes it all worthwhile

@ 2:36 Same Tommy underwear? This better be later that same day

@2:49 1st time I’ve noticed he used The “N” word and “Brandished” back to back

@ 2:56 Is she bored? Perhaps she can focus on that stupid a** hat

This looks remarkably like “The Thong Song” video

So what? No one “beefed”.

Until 50 put the nail in that coffin.

Good grief.


*Ms. Officer


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