New Vid: Maverick- All Night

…or  Money Mav, as I like to call him. Mav & I have been friends for about 6 years now.

 (See proof in obligatory, dated, “having fun” picture)

Many of you may know Mav from Boston’s JAMN 94.5.

Well, that’s how I know him too.

You might also remember him from the very first “Unwrapped” I did.

Without further ado,

@ :07 That’s not the car I’m used to #ThingsInTheGameDoneChanged

@ :10 Taylor Lautner?

@ :46 I think she just Dutty Wined. If she did, I know who’s responsible for teaching her

@ 1:10 Yup, that’s Taylor Lautner.

@ 1:13 Please direct your attention to the far right of your screen, White sweater, white man, tippy toes.

@1:33 Dangerously close to a bodyroll

@ 1:42 Jajajaja

@1:53 All about interracial “macking”

@1:57 I always wondered what happened to real money in videos. NOW WE KNOW

@2:15 Is that Tyrone? CAWL HIM

@ 2:50 I’d like to know who that is. Funny, I never met these friends WHEN I WAS IN BOSTON

@3:07 Never seen a complete basketball palm on an actual person, but I like it

All in all, it’s good. Very dance-y, very united-nations-y, and very funny vid. Good work Money!

I’d better get a call concering the next shoot. OR ELSE


*Ms. Officer

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your sense of humor Steph!!! I’m sittin here rollin!

  2. MsOfficer says:


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