New Vid: The Beyonce- Countdown

She’s pregnant. She’s dancing. And most importantly,

She. Ain’t. You.

@ :01  I don’t expect this to be any different from any other

– The Beyonce Video

-Destiny’s Chile Video

-Any video featuring The Beyonce

In that it is all about her, all the time. LEST YOU FORGET

@ :06 “Oh Hai, welcome to American Apparel. What was that? Were you looking for the women’s black turtleneck? Extra Small? I’m sorry, LIL’ WAYNE BOUGHT THEM ALL

@ :20 New from Radio Shack, The Beyonce Clock.

@ :25 Soooooo, no one else thinks she’s @ least a tad bit insane

@ :45

@ 1:22 Certain this little pink act will spawn numerous youtube parodies of large women in these tiny button ups.

@ 1:49 Drumline

@ 1:55 Not that this makes a difference in the grand scheme of, like, the world, -BUT- right side, purple shirt, Thai wig. Man, Woman, or Strong Features?

Cast your vote.

@ 2:05 Must. Buy. Lavender. Shoes. Before. Men. Buy. All. Our. Sizes.

@ 2:19 “Dutty Wine” revival

@ 2:32 Alleged plagarizm.

@ 2:33 Me. and my Jay. And My Jay-Z riding. All up in that Jay-Z with me right beside Jay-Z

@3:06 The Beyonce gives a nod to The Diana (Rawse)

@ 3:26 Don’t recall The Beyonce’s boobs EVER being that big. Note to self: GET PREGNANT

@ 3:31 And just in case you forgot how beautiful The Beyonce was in the last nanosecond, a not-so-subtle reminder.

Don’t hate it, Don’t love it.  Although, I’m certain I’ll have a more difinitve outlook on this after the video has been drilled into my head via MTV, overly aggressive advertisements, and radio spins. Naturally.

Plagarism, Smlagarism.

If The Beyonce doesn’t do it before  after you, IT DOES NOT EXIST.

New Edition will find this out shortly, seeing as how the preview to “Love on Top” IS ALREADY OUT.


*Ms. Officer

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