See & Be Seen: Carmelo Anthony M8 Sneaker Release x Perez Hilton’s “One Night Only”

‘Twas a busy night on Thursday, with both Carmelo Anthony’s sneaker release and Open Sky Presents Perez Hilton’s annual “One Night Only”.

Both started at 7:30.

Both were worth going to.

One was on a pier, one was in a ballroom. It’s October in NYC.

But which one to choose


For the Melo event, hype surrounded a special guest performance by “one of New York’s Hip Hop legends”. Citing relevance & current singles There were only 2 choices

Speculation surrounded the only two choices– Nas or Jay-Z.

When not barnstorming, Carmelo can be seen enjoying Nas.

[ Aside: Nation, if you have never been to a Nas show, I suggest you go. He is the best performance I’ve seen. He gives one hell of a show when he’s getting paid $80,000 or better.]

Naturally beginning late, I wondered if I was going to miss the promise of Boyz II Men, Mary J. Blige & of course, Pauly D. The Carmelo event kept us entertained with its ostentasiousness– A HOLOGRAM OF A SNEAKER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HUDSON



When the show actually started, Nas literally performed three songs and left. Nonetheless, ’twas a good 15 minutes.

By the time I arrived at the Perez Hilton event, I’d missed most of the performances, but still got a consolation prize– a Nalgene from Perez’s “BritaFilterForGoodMusic” Project.

A taste of the festivities:

Oh those? The new “Soul” by Ludacris headphones. SOMEONE SEND ME A PAIR.

That is Darryl Strawberry.

This is the 25th anniversary of the Mets’ Championship season.

No matter how you split it, a great show of talent was at both shows. And so were great displays of (top shelf) liquor.


*Ms. Officer


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