See & Be Seen: Keith Sweat’s “Til The Morning” Album Release

Right before the adults were released onto Thanksgiving break, Keith Sweat had a party. ‘Twas an album release for his newest effort, Til The Morning.

It was raining.

It was chilly.

I still attended.

I was easily the youngest one there.

By decades.

Upon scolding  an old pal from the label releasing the record (E1 Music) that I was not to remain with the commoners, I ascended the stairs to VIP . The first person seen is the man of the hour, who inches toward me with a hug.  Although he was not doing interviews, we stil spoke. I murmured, through a Cabernet induced haze:

Me: Hi Keith, you and I met at MSG (Madison Square Garden) earlier this year. I know you don’t remember.

KS: Hi baby, no, I don’t remember

Me: It’s ok. Congratulations anyway. Go perform.

KS: Thank you, well I’m glad to see you I’ll tear it down.

Here is Keith Sweat tearing it down:

Make It Last

How Deep Is Your Love

I Want Her

Notice the progression (regression?) of Keith’s clothing. Might I mention he started out with a full suit. INCLUDING  A VEST.

At any rate, Til The Morning is the eleventh studio album from Mr. Sweat.

Download the lead single,  Make You Say Ooh here.

Say what you want about his stripping, crooning, & begging, Keith Sweat is an OG. He does have timeless music. He does have a plethora of hits under his belts. He still has my heart vote.

Since I peered, through a Cabernet/Grey Goose induced haze by the time Keith & I had taken a picture, I’ll save me you the embarassment. This flick is from way fatter earlier this year during our initial encounter at Madison Square Garden.

(Photo courtesy Ronnie Wright)

I like the way it’s going down.


*Ms. Officer


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