New Song Smell(s): Jon B.; Raheem DeVaughn

One of my absolute favorites is not back. Jon B. has never really left. He’s actually been releasing material on a fairly consistent basis since Stronger Everyday.  He’s readying for the release of his new album, Comfortable Swagg. When we spoke this summer,

Ms. Officer and the Jon B. Interview:

his 7th studio album was supposed to be released on his birthday, 11/11/11. Now it’s tentative release date is 2/14/12. Very appropriate for a man who could most certainly teach many of these savages out here about love through the very effective gift of song.

Last summer he released Body Language & it’s video as a feeler, and it was another track that did not get it’s just due. His lastest, Quality Time is a lesson. Male Nation, TAKE HEED

Listen to Quality Time here

Since Jon is a family man, the focus will be more on, well, family. This is a beautiful example of WHAT GROWN MEN SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH.

And Quality Time easily passes “The Test”.

Meanwhile, Raheem DeVaughn did something many folks in his tax bracket dare not do:

HE OCCUPIED DC. DeVaughn was arrested in the midst, waiting for Cornel West to speak refusing to leave the steps of the Supreme Court .  Among other things about him, I find that very noble.  [Insert segue here]. Now he’s remixed Wale’s Lotus Flower Bomb.  I don’t care much for Wale. THERE. I SAID IT.

Download Lotus Flower Bomb (Remix) here




*Ms. Officer


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