Track-By-Track: Robin Thicke- “Love After War”

“Track-By-Track” is just a better way of saying “Album Review”. DOWN WITH TRITE CLICHES.

Love After War is Robin’s 5th studio album.

His last, Sex Therapy hyponotized and held me in it’s grips for quite some time. It was at that point that I decided if ever I were to sleep with a celebrity couple, it would be Robin Thicke & Paula Patton loved Robin Thicke.

I needed to be weaned off of Sex Therapy, and it’s clear his mission was to do the same with Love After War:

1. An Angel On Each Arm- Is actually about his wife Paula Patton & his son, Julian, which is beautiful. He also shouts “LET’S GET IT STARTED!” which is cool because this is the 1st song on the album #SEEWHATIDIDTHERE

2. I’m An Animal- If he’s singing about what I think he’s singing about…this’ll be a fun 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

3. Never Give Up- Much of this album is inspirational– not to mention his actual voice, which is teeming with emotion. You can actually visualize what he’s saying here. Feels like it’s simuletaneously rainy & sunny.

4. The New Generation- Easily the best song on this entire album, AND one of the best songs released this year. Re-read that. Thicke delivers. If you’ve never heard this before, follow these steps:

 a. Turn every speaker, Dre Beat, or iPhone headphone up to it’s highest

b. Worry about your hearing at a later date and time

c. Find the nearest boss desk to disrespect.

Robin told me he was inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” movements and simply let off in the studio here. MY GOODNESS. It’s hard to move on from this song because it sparks such emotion. Best of all– when you think it’s over, it really isn’t.

 5. Love After War- The title track/lead single does excatly what it’s supposed to do. You already know how I feel about the video:

Watch New Vid: Robin Thicke- Love After War here

This song is worth loving.

6. All Tied Up- It begins like Teena Marie’s Potuguese Love. But it’s not. This is exactly what you think it’s about. AND IT’S SEXY TIME.

7. Pretty Lil’ Heart Feat. Lil’ Wayne- Weezy is the standalone feature on this entire thing. Everything about this is right. “TELL ME ‘CUZ YOU KNOW I NEED THAT ‘PUMP PUMP’ EVERYDAY.”  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

8. Mission- Oh dear goodness. I am about to sleep with the nearest object, which is unfortunately (fortunately?) is this computer.  Fitting that my favorite song here is the sessiest? MISSION MOST CERTAINLY ACCOMPLISHED.

 9. Tears On My Tuxedo- If you don’t pay much attention to the lyrics, you can transition into Boring smoothly without breaking your “mood”.

10. Boring- Didn’t get the content from the title, but he takes Boring in a pleasant direction. You know what? This, too, could maintain the “mood”.  The stretch extends from 6-10.

11. Lovely Lady- Feels like I should be at a cocktail party in a tuxedo, holding a tray with a monkey. But the monkey’s not on the tray.

12. Dangerous- Gentlemen, this is my behavior.

13. Full Time Believer- I’m back at that cocktail party, except minus the tuxedo and tray. Now I’m in a glittery gown walking through the crowd at a normal pace, yet everyone else sees me in slow-mo. Monkey is still there.

14. I Don’t Know How It Feels To Be U- Something tells me this, too, is for his wife. There is a nagging feeling race may play a factor. Either way, beautifully written.

15. Cloud 9 – It’s a lazy Sunday. There is a lake nearby, and most importantly, no NYC noise. Also, images or chubby black men in round glasses come to mind when I think of Jazz. Does this happen to anybody else?

16. The Lil’ Things- Not crazy about this one. The lyrics are really good, but I can’t get into the music. Still, it’s nice.

Well played Robin, well played.

17. What Would I Be- Love the way this sounds. Everything about What Would I Be (especially the way its written) lifts me you up,  twirls me you around, then sets me you back down gently. Just like a meaninful song should.

Love After War is amazing. This is everything you wanted, expected, and needed from Thicke, without it being redundant or stale. Could have consisted of 14 tracks and still been fun. Definitely appreciated the ride. PUN INTENDED.

In sum, this album invokes 3 feelings:

1. Begin actual revolution ::readies kit:: complete with street marches, picket signs, dashikis and such

2. Grab the Sunday Times, a mimosa, and sit in bay window sunshine and be jazzy. JAZZY, NOT HIPSTER

3. Well…you know.

Download Love After War here


*Ms. Officer


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