Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton’s new album, “Back To Love” has just been released. To commemorate, I decided to give him this week’s “WTHDTGW”.

No. This song did not come out EIGHT YEARS AGO. NO.


Coming From Where I’m From was quite the powerful song and video. Not to mention I could pass him at any given time on Nostrand Ave. (Brooklyn) and not really notice.

I like 2011 Hipster Anthony Hamilton a lot better.

In 2003, I was still in High School. HIGH SCHOOL.

NOW THE GOVERNMENT RECOGNIZES ME AS AN ADULT. Why won’t Tina Fey adopt me to rectify this?

Let’s take a look at what other things people not-Facebook-“liked”-but-actually-real-life-liked “back then”:

His bracelets

The governor of California? (Still, that question mark remains)

The Blackout.

Not knowing B2K was getting molested.

Bird Flu keeping me out of Chinatown for about 3 months while they found the source Asian.

So there you have it, Anthony Hamilton. I hope you’re happy with that memory lane trip.

What was that? Not with Fantasia? I DID NOT THINK SO.


*Ms. Officer


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