Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays- Sounds Of Blackness

There’s nothing much I can say that this video already doesn’t.

Everything  here is awesome.

– The shaved part and mullets hair,

– Cosby sweaters and “Members Only” coats 

– Kwanzaa, Black Santa

– Their voices

Also, I feel like I should be chewing peach cobbler while watching this.

 Although I am not in the holiday spirit this year, [Here is why] Soul Holidays comes close. It easily brings back fuzzy memories of these times when I was smaller, and everything else looked so…promising.

Nonetheless, I hope all of you Black people reminisced as I did.

At any rate,  


Where are you actual Sounds Of Blackness? Where? AND HOW MANY OF YOU ARE THERE REALLY


*Ms. Officer



One Comment Add yours

  1. mindpinball says:

    Somehow, I have avoided hearing this all holiday season. Thanks for the memory.

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